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  • drygon

Two posts in two minutes!

You mods, loveroftheflame and I have decided to try to bring some life into this comm. So we have a prompt! And since it is Spring Break season, hopefully people will have some free time.
Anyway, your challenge, should you choose to accept it...

Legends of the Hidden Temple

What exactly has Teo been doing in all his off-screen time? Give us one of his adventures at the temple. Who has he talked to? What has he done? Be creative!

Post fic, art, whatever you want. We;re just trying to spread the Teo love. :D
  • drygon

First Post

Welcome! This is the first (as we know of) fan community for Teo, from Avatar the Last Airbender. Your mods drygon and loveroftheflame are excited about this comm, and we hope it'll really start to grow. Come on... we know there's more Teo fans out there than just us. :P Anything is welcome and encouraged. Be it fanart, fanfic, discussion, what have you.

Bring it on!